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Drill Vs Wincrite

Comparison of the most common converted right angle drill used for winches and the WinchRite. 


1-Battery:   The common right angle drill turns at 400rpm in the slow speed setting. Due to the speed once a load is placed on the drill the cranking amps of the battery are rapidly depleted, This results in a very poor battery capacity.   This resulting short capacity, in many cases will not complete a winching job and may require a battery switch.

Problem Solved:  The WinchRite-ABT contains a brusless motor design and turns at a variable speed up to 130rpm.  This lower speed results in both greater torque and a much longer battery capacity. The brushless motor design has a 40% greater efficiency.  This allows the WinchRite to complete winching jobs with one charge.

2-Drive:   The common right angle drill is designed for drilling holes and has a chuck to insert various drill bits. This chuck has a retaining screw which has been reported to snap when run in the reverse or counter clockwise rotation. This results in the chuck unthreading and could pose a potential safety risk.  The lower cranking speed of most winches can not be used due to this issue. The full power of a two speed winch is not utlized.

Problem Solved:   The WinchRite has a socket drive which will allow it to run in both rotations. This allows for proper operation of a two speed winch.

3-Weight:   The common right angle drill weighs 10.9 lbs or 4.95 kg. This generally requires both hands to operate.  This may result in a safety factor in the cockpit or walking about the deck.

Problem solved:   The WinchRite is slightly less than 6.5 lbs or 2.95 kg.  This is 40% lighter. 

4-Weather:   The common right angle drill is not designed for wet weather conditions.  Water will cause the drill to fail.   

Problem solved:   The WinchRite is rated at IPX6 and is a sealed unit designed for high pressure spray.  It can withstand water splash from rough sea conditions and rain. 

5-Warranty:   The manufacturers of the various hand held drills do not cover damage or failure while using the device for non-drilling applications.  Your warranty may be void if improper use is discovered.  

Problem solved:   The WinchRite is designed for sailing applications and we stand behind our product 100%. 

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