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What People Have Said About There WinchRite

What people have said about the WinchRite:

Email: My wife and I now use the winchrite everyday for hoisting the main sail on my Leopard 40 catamaran. This sail is huge but the winchrite tackles the job with plenty of power, and it quickly recharges with the DC cigaratte plug adapter. It's non-skid fetaure also sold me when I accidentally left the winchrite at the base of the mast, and found it 2 hours later in the same hadn't budged an inch while we were under sail in 20 knots of wind and sloppy seas. I was slow to start using the winchrite, and now I don't raise sails without it, saving my back muscles from the strain. Thanks for this awesome product. To us, it was worth every penny.                                                                

Lou / Florida  5/24/2012

Midnight Breeze Sailors Blog

Dave and Mary / Annapolis, MD

Email: Guys, used the Winch-Rite, six times so far, it works flawlessly, and my back does not get tired!

Dr. Broadwater /  Herndon, VA

Email: Thanks for getting the WinchRite out to me. I love this thing and my crew is trying to steal it.

Patti / Long Beach,  Ca forum-Winch Magic

Nick / Bisbane, Au forum-Personal review of the WinchRite

Les / Bellingham, WA  

Email: If you ever need a recommendation - you have one.  Pulled the main up beautifully.

Mark / Shelter Island, San Diego

Email: Thanks for finally getting it right. I had something else in the past that was super heavy and did not look like it belonged on my boat. So when I got my WinchRite I could not believe what I was seeing. Love it and thank you again for the contribution to sailing.

Mars / Anacortez, WA

Email: Just a note to let you know that my new WinchRite is the best thing I have ever bought for myself for my sailboat!  The hardest thing for me to physically do on my F-27 Trimaran was to lift the main sail.  For years I struggled to get the damn thing up the mast without exhausting myself before sailing!  But the WinchRite has solved that problem in a flash. Has made my sailing so much more of a pleasure.  Thank you again for this terrific devise.

Best regards,

Jerome / Florida