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ABT Press Release

Sailology introduces NEW and Improved

WinchRite ABT

Advanced Brushless Technology


Sailology, LLC

28150 Avenue Crocker

Ste. 228

Valencia, CA 91355                                                                        For Immediate release



06/01/2014 - Valencia, CA.           Sailology, LLC, the California based makers of WinchRite, a handheld battery operated winch handle for the marine industry, have announced the release of the next generation WinchRite, the WinchRite ABT – Advanced Brushless Technology.   Martin Lynn, a Managing Partner of Sailology states “in 2010 the first WinchRite device was introduced at the Miami international boat show where it won the innovation award for new sailing gear. The device has now gone through some exciting new changes with our ABT model. Our new unit is a power house.”


The WinchRite ABT, which stands for Advanced Brushless Technology, leverages modern brushless technology to deliver a more efficient and powerful tool.  “We gained valuable knowledge over the past four years from all the feedback we received from sailors, our partners and the marine industry as a whole.  We knew we had to step it up a notch and not just deliver a new version, but truly transform the WinchRite, and use the best technology available to us” says Sven Toothman a Managing Partner of Sailology.  “Many of the improvements are a direct result of customer input.”  Sven goes on to say “the change in the carrying tote design happened at a boat show.  A very nice sailor said she loved the WinchRite, but that the unit was hard to get in and out of the bag.  She suggested we change how the bag opened.  We listened.”


Many improvements have gone into the WinchRite ABT making this a welcome companion on any size boat.  These improvements include:


  • Newly designed blushless drive motor
  • Improved torque control with chimed soft start for better control
  • Strengthened gearbox with one piece main drive gear
  • Greater battery efficiency
  • More powerful with greater overall performance
  • A new look. Darker blue rubber inlay
  • The Holder is now included standard
  • Redesigned Carrying Tote for easier access and put away


"We are certain that the improvements will be immediately evident to our customers and we are really looking forward to the new boat show season where we will be showcasing the new WinchRite ABT" says Martin.

The new WinchRite ABT is available for immediate delivery and you may find more information at

For more information about becoming a sales partner please contact

About Sailology, LLC: A California based Marine Specialty Products Company. Our products are designed to make sailing more enjoyable, easier and safer. We make sensible designs with you, the sailor in mind.

Press Contact:

Sven Toothman